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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a significant health concern, affecting about 3 million Canadians. CKD can be progressive and complicated by concurrent diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Treatment options for patients suffering from advanced chronic kidney disease are limited to management of symptoms and renal replacement therapies, such as hemodialysis or kidney transplantation.

The origins of kidney disease are multifactorial, and it is postulated that events occurring before birth contribute to the pathogenesis of disease. Recent studies have shown that even subtle abnormalities in kidney development can contribute to the onset of childhood or adult kidney diseases, renal insufficiency and hypertension. It is estimated that 4% of children are born with developmental disorders of the kidney (termed renal dysplasia).

Our laboratory is investigating the developmental origins of kidney disease by studying molecules and mechanisms involved in normal and abnormal kidney development. Considering there is no cure for renal dysplasia it is crucial to better understand the causes for abnormal kidney development. Our goal is that our research will contribute foundational knowledge allowing the development of novel therapeutic options for the treatment of kidney disease.

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